I have been doing oil paintings for over 34 years, so have a wealth of experience to help guide you through the commission process.

I am professional and friendly and pride myself in providing value for money and deliver work to the highest standard and on time. This way, I have happy customers who come back time after time and recommend me to their friends and family. I think word of mouth is a great way to build up a great reputation and this is what I have always built my business around.

Pippa & Millie - Original Photo
Initial Photo
Pippa & Millie - Pet Portrait
Finished Oil Painting

Stage 1

Size and Budget

Decide what size you would like your painting. This can be detirmined by where you are going to put it or by how much you would like to spend. Please take a look at the prices page to see what various sizes cost.

Stage 2

Shape of Canvas

When deciding what shape your canvas is going to be, think about what shape your photo is or is going to be and how it will fit best onto that shape. I am here to advise if needed. There are examples below showing original photos then examples underneath showing how the shape of your canvas affects the picture.

Angel of the North
Angel of the North – Original Photo
Angel of the North - Landscape
Angel of the North - Portrait
Angel of the North - Square
Angel of the North - Panoramic

Stage 3

Choosing the Photograph

I can’t stress enough how important it is to provide me with the best possible photograph as the better the photograph, the better your finished original oil painting is going to be.

Make it as clear as possible, showing as much detail as possible and to the nearest colour to the subject you are taking the photo of. Don’t worry if there are things in the background that you dont want in; that’s okay, I will remove them. You can provide more photos if necessary.

If you are having a pet portrait and want more than one pet on the same canvas, I can work from seperate photographs and put them together but I would need at least one group shot so the pets are the correct size.

If you are having trouble getting the correct photograph, it is worth paying a professional photographer to do this for you or this is a service I can offer for a small fee as I am also a professional photographer with photography studios upstairs in our shop in Low Fell, Gateshead.

Ideally when ordering if you can provide me with two glossy pictures of the same image you have chosen, one size 6″ x 4″ the other at least 10″ x 8″ or you can send a digital image by attaching it to your email. Don’t use Whatsapp or Facebook as it compresses them, losing the detail.

Example of a bad photograph
Ideal Photo for an Oil Painting

Stage 4

Pricing and Completion Date

Once you have decided your canvas size and I have seen your chosen image, I will fix a price with you and even if it takes me longer than anticipated I won’t charge you a penny more.

We will agree a completion date and at this stage I will require a 25% deposit. The final balance is payable on completion and only when you are fully happy with your painting.

Stage 5

Starting Your Commission

I will ask you if you would like to see the painting progress step by step. If you would there are a few ways of doing this. One is if you would like me to put it on my ron-art facebook page. The other way is, if you didn’t want anyone else to see it, then I can attatch the images to your email or send them by Whatsapp.

If you haven’t done so already please look at my progress page as this shows you in-depth the stages the paintings will go through.

St Mary's Lighthouse - Photo
St Mary's Lighthouse - Sketch
Initial Sketch in Ink
St Mary's Lighthouse
Finished Painting

Stage 6

Finished Painting

Once the paintings completed I will contact you to let you know and when it will be ready to collect, you pay the remainder of the balance once you are happy with the finished result.

Ronnie Pattison - Professional Painter
Ronnie Pattison – Professional Artist

If there is anything I can help you with please contact me and I will be more than happy to help.